Hey kids. Sorry there was no Viral Vision last night; Bill asked me to pick his up and I dropped the ball down at the bottom of a Manhattan. But today there are two! When the sun goes down tonight, you should look up at the sky and count your lucky stars.

Today’s videos come to you courtesy of booze and history, which are pretty much my two favorite things in the whole world. I tried to watch Funny or Die on HBO when it first premiered, but I’ve got no patience for that noise so I quit it after about 10 minutes. During that time though, they did a segment called Drunk History starring Will Ferrell as Abraham Lincoln and Don Cheadle as Crispus Attucks, and it was pretty much the most hilarious thing ever so I decided to see what other installments there have been. What I found were videos of Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton, Danny McBride as George Washington, and my personal favorite, Jack Black as Ben Franklin. There are two installments of Ben Franklin’s story, the first one being his famous kite flying escapade, and the second documenting how much of a man-whore that dude was. Both are just ripe for the watchin, so get to it! (If you only have time to watch one of them, the second video is beyond hilarious)