Alright, kids, here’s the rub (after I tell you the rub, please tell me what the hell “the rub” is supposed to mean): Over the past few weeks you’ve gotten used to seeing our feature Fresh Look Friday on…well…Friday. Billy and I mainly decided on this day because 1) we wanted to alternate feature days, and 2) alliteration is awesome. However, after having done it for a few weeks I’ve realized that because of my schedule, a Fresh Look every Friday doesn’t really work too well. You see my lovelies, I have class all day and evening on Thursdays, work all day and have night classes on Fridays, and then get to wake my lazy butt up for a Saturday morning class. Obviously this makes it a little difficult to watch and write about old stuff for Fresh Look, as well as go see new movies and get them reviewed in time. So What do you guys think? A Fresh Look Monday? New feature reviews on Sundays/Mondays? I know getting a movie review at the beginning of the week is kind of janky, but until the doom of school is finished next month, we might just have to make due. Let us know how you feel! We welcome all suggestions; unless of course they are stupid, in which case we will judge you behind your back.