I will make you dance, so don't fight it.

Welcome to a new week here at 3FING3RS, lovers. You know what Monday means. It’s time for me to rant about some musician you’ve probably already heard of, but let’s agree to entertain my silly delusion that I listen to music that no one else does and therefore must share it with everyone. Just give me one more week and, next week, I promise I’ll present you someone relatively brand-new.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to today’s fun…

My choice for this week’s music must is a Brit import. A little tidbit about my music preferences: I have a bit of an obsession with music from over the pond. I’m constantly scouring the UK iTunes Store, cursing my computer that it won’t let me purchase music from it. (Seriously, what’s up with that, anyway? I thought it was the World Wide Web!)

Anyway, this bloke, Jack Penate (whose last name actually has a tilde over the “n,” something I’m unable to figure out how to do here on WordPress) is another find from the UK iTunes. I felt so lucky, though, when I found that his album had been released here in the States, too. Granted, it was released last June, but sometimes albums from over there never see the light of day over here (I’m referring to you, Just Jack, and your elusive second album!).

A little bit of background on Mr. Penate. He released his first album, Matinee, in October of 2007. It wasn’t very good and wasn’t received very well, critically. Commercially, however, it was eaten up. And thank the Brits for it, otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have ever heard his follow-up album, which was radically different and much better.

Everything Is New was released in June of 2009 and is amazing. It’s the kind of album that I imagine putting on at a summer party. It’s sunset, everyone is gathered around the pool, there is Sangria everywhere. And suddenly, this music plays. It’s a rousing concoction of soul, funk, African tribal, and dance music. Everyone is on their feet. No one can resist moving to this sound. The party’s a big success and it’s all because of Jack Penate (and probably the Sangria, too). It’s like the party of my dreams.

Anyway, while I entertain more ridiculous fantasies, take a listen and tell me what you think. I’ve attached the videos for “Be The One” and “Tonight’s Today”. Gosh, he’s pretty dreamy, too, right? (I defy anyone to not want to move to this music!)

Enjoy, nerds.